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The Web is a vast ocean

but you found me!

let's navigate together...

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I live in Lyon, France

I am a blogger

I animate social networks

I am an AutoCAD specialist

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Brazil 2008

Lençóis Maranhenses

The Lençóis Maranhenses National Park is located in Maranhão state, in northeastern Brazil

I enjoy travelling

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Severe storm in Sydney, Australia

I wish you were not here!

december 1991

this picture is featured on Wikimedia

I was there...

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Digital worlds

Terragen landscape generator

I create

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Just for the pleasure...

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Magritte, l'Empire des lumières

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Ayers Rock, central Australia

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La vie est de brûler des questions

Something to know about me

Patrick EMIN

CAD * travel * communities

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I live in Lyon, France. I am French and I speak English.
I am a long time AutoCAD user, trainer and programmer.

I have a particular interest in using the Web to bring people together not only as software users,
but as people who have other interests in their life besides their professional activity.

I am also interested in
Work Experience
Years experience

So many things around me

Innovative Ideas

Ideas. They lead the World. You don’t have ideas? Look around you, there are plenty.


Designing make beautiful things for the eye. Nowadays most objects are CAD designed.

Result Oriented

Thinking; talking, yes, but obtaining results. Then, thinking and talking.

Data Manipulation

Data manipulation is what computers are made for. The page you are looking at is only made of data… or is it?

Secured Solutions

Imperfect solutions are very often the result of imperfect analysis or no analysis at all. Taking time is part of the solution.

Develop & Deliver

When developing computer programs, you must always have in mind the people who will use it.

What I am good at

AutoCAD DotNET75%
Social media85%
Communities manager85%
I am on Google+
but not only!

Have a look at the things I did

I mostly discuss about these things

Give me a mail


Contact Info

271 rue Du Guesclin
Lyon, France

Phone: +33 6 60 20 94 40